Concrete to high quality concrete - BnB

In the BnB project, prefabricated building elements will be developed with a high content of recycled construction and demolition waste (> 30%). The intention is to use advanced breaking and sorting technology (microwaves) to produce pure raw materials that can be reused as binders, fillers or aggregates for prefabricated building elements. Scaling-up, the developed building material will be used to produce prefab concrete resistant to aggressive environments. This project aims to contribute to achieving the EU recycling target for construction and demolition waste of 70%. This project specifically looks at the recycling of concrete and the potential of microwaves for the pre-treatment of residual mineral flows.

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Invitation: demo day at RWA

We would like to invite you to a demo day at RWA on 7 February from 12:00 to 16:30.

Succesful smartcrushing campaign in the Netherlands

On the 20th of November a succesful smartcrushing campaign was concluded at Rutte Groep, Zaandam, the Netherlands.

BNB Demonstration Day: innovative concrete recycling technologies

Cement recovery from mortars by microwave treatment at high temperature: an innovative way to facilitate circularity in the construction field

The 2nd Sounding Board meeting was held on 19/11/2020, this time in an online meeting

Adding recycled cement has negligible or even positive impact on the mechanical properties of concrete

The team

Can we develop better separation techniques for construction and demolition waste that allow us to recycle concrete into new high-quality concrete? We will find out.

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Hubert Rahier

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