If we succeed in better separation of the different fractions of concrete (sand, gravel and cement), they can be reused in high-quality applications. This will create a new more energy-efficient method to recycle concrete.

Within the BnB project we want to design and build a modular installation (proof-of-concept). This will integrate the investigated technologies and make it possible to test the processing of concrete waste in new high-quality materials on a larger scale. The processing of these materials into high-quality concrete elements will also be tested on a larger scale. The intended end products are high-quality (reinforced) concrete elements and thin (1-2 cm) structural concrete panels with innovative textile reinforcement. In addition, the project will demonstrate various applications to concrete producers, recycling companies, contractors and architects.

If you are interested in helping to shape these innovative technologies together with the BnB project team and translate them into commercial applications, we would like to hear from you. Fill in the contact form and we will reply to you shortly!